Yankees’ Brian Cashman explains why he won’t trade Gleyber Torres

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman is┬áhanging out, minding his own business, enjoying New York City. Maybe he’s with friends. Or maybe he’s taking a quiet stroll at night.

Cashman, you’re the worst! someone┬ásays. Then a man walks past Cashman. We hate you! he says. A baby shoots Cashman a death stare from her stroller.

Fortunately, that’s an alternate universe in which the 50-year-old will never have to live.

That’s because on Friday, before a game against the Rays at Yankee Stadium, he told reporters that there’s zero chance he’d consider trading rookie sensation and fan favorite Gleyber Torres.

C’mon now, he said. I have to walk around this city.

Sevy and (Sanchez) are like brothers, Boone said. I didn’t hear the banter, but they were kind of going back and forth when they got back in the dugout.

But I don’t think there was much to (the play) other than if you watch Sevy’s reaction… At least it looked like to me like he saw Gary kind of struggle finding it and then he went in go-catch-it mode, which I thought was a smart thing to do.

Gardner had been in the midst of a mini slump after a hot May. He has just three hits in his 20 at-bats over his last six games (.150 batting average).

In May, Gardner hit.313 with three homers and 11 RBI and a.917 OPS. Overall, he’s hitting.258 with five bombs, 21 RBI and a.734 OPS in 59 games. Giancarlo Stanton started in left field Sunday. Aaron Hicks slid into Gardner’s leadoff slot.

Recently, Gardner, who is in the final guaranteed year of his contract, said he would like to play another two or three years

So far, this year’s gone well for me, Gardner said. I’ve stayed healthy and that’s just the name of the game. As long as I can stay healthy and feel like I can still compete and help the team, I want to continue to play. I don’t really put a whole lot of thought into it. Just try and keep focusing on the now and keep preparing for the future. I don’t really put a whole lot of thought into it, but I’d be lying if I hadn’t thought about it.

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