Yankees not ruling out Clint Frazier forcing them to keep him on roster

Clint Frazier arrived at Yankee Stadium for Thursday’s game telling himself the same thing as the day before… and so on:

Do something to stand out.

Brady doesn’t know how 2018 will play out and he doesn’t know how he’ll feel after. We could very well be reading Brady Instagram comments for another five offseasons. Welcome to June.

Not existentially, or wondering why his GPS seems broken, but as a person?

This just doesn’t seem like the same Goodell, who was selected in August 2006 to succeed Paul Tagliabue.

The Goodell I knew when he first took over would not have disappeared in the wake of Trump’s attacks on the league. He would have told the president to go kick rocks. If any owner tried to stop him from fighting back, he would have told that owner to kick rocks, too.

Now? Goodell is hiding.

It’s not really smart to suggest that anyone other than Brady himself knows when he’s going to walk away, and it’s not really smart to suggest Brady even knows right now what he wants to do following this year. The year to year idea floated by lots of older quarterbacks can sound a little absurd at times, but ultimately it makes sense in this context.

He used to be feared and unintimidated by anyone or any situation. He was tough, a bulldog.

In 2007, he suspended Wade Wilson, then the quarterbacks coach of the Cowboys, for five games and fined him $100,000 for purchasing human growth hormone, which Wilson said was for diabetes. He hit players like Ben Roethlisberger and Pacman Jones hard with suspensions. He policed on-field conduct more than previous NFL commissioners. He took a first-round pick from the Patriots for Spygate.

Leading off and playing center for the first time as a big leaguer, Frazier started the Yankees’ first off with an opposite-field single and it led to a four-run inning that was the difference in the game.

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