Rodgers wound up throwing for three touchdowns in the NFC Championship, but it was all for naught as his team fell behind 31-0 in Georgia.

All in all, the Falcons would hold a 65-24 advantage through the course of six quarters in the two biggest games of their 2016 season. And then football was canceled in the American South, never to be spoken of again (except in New Orleans, where March 28 is a holiday).

Rodgers returned to MVP-candidate form last fall in Green Bay’s 4-1 start, pulling together a 13:3 TD:INT ratio while pushing his team to the top of the NFC North. Then Anthony Barr crushed his collarbone into dust, and the Packers fell into a 3-8 spiral where:

But if the past is any indication, we can expect another postseason where the Patriots get upended by a team they’d beaten by 42 weeks earlier, or a Packers’ season derailed when two of the disks in Rodgers’ back spontaneously ignite. Somehow, someway, we are all unworthy of seeing Brady vs. Rodgers in the playoffs. Just accept that it’ll never happen.

Last month NFL owners approved a policy that they thought was a sop to the president, a rule that would punish players and teams for not standing while giving teams the option of staying the locker room during the anthem.

It looked like the league got the president off its back, too. President Donald Trump said the owners did the right thing following the decision. But the only thing more reliable than the NFL tripping over itself is this president contradicting himself.

The president was bothered when he didn’t get the chance to make himself look good by having his picture taken with Tom Brady, who didn’t attend the Patriots’ White House visit last year. When the White House learned that only a handful of Eagles players planned to be there this year, they saw opportunity and disinvited them.

Instead, the president is throwing himself a party at the NFL’s expense. A gaggle of his supporters will be on hand Tuesday along with the United States Marine Corps Band and the U.S. Army Chorus, but nobody from the Super Bowl champs. (Fortunately, patriotic music doesn’t affect the debilitating bone spurs that kept the president from putting on a uniform himself.)

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